Water Cooler Service

Vending Services has provided office water cooler service throughout the GTA for over 20 years. We offer a variety of dispenser options as well as regular maintenance.  With our expertise we’ll find the best solution for your company.

Water Cooler Service In The GTA

We service all of the GTA and surrounding areas including: Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Brampton, Caledon, Halton Hills, Kitchener, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham & Central Toronto.

Water Dispensers

Our dispensers are bottleless and hook into your plumbing so there’s no need for weekly delivery. The water coolers provide filtration, giving you crystal clear water in every glass. Vending Services replaces the filter as needed, typically every 6 months. For your benefit, we provide water dispensers in different sizes and with cold and hot water taps.

The dispensers are manufactured in Canada and are environmentally friendly. The bottleless design eliminates the hassle and waste resulting from having to store, replace and discard sizeable plastic bottles. It also reduces your cost by eliminating weekly delivery fees.

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Water Dispenser Options

water dispenser available in Mississauga
Pacifik Bottleless Water Cooler


The Pacifik dispenser is available in silver, charcoal or white. The waterways and cold water tank clean easily and are dishwasher safe. It offers a unique, sturdy cabinet that is rust, dent and scratch resistant.

The cold water tank holds 2.4 liters while the hot holds 1.4 liters. The Pacifik’s high-flow faucets, with a twin-layer design, prevent fingers from touching area in contact with water. This unit is also has a leak detector and if there are any issues, Vending Services will handle it swiftly.

bottleless water cooler available in Toronto
Baltik Bottleless Water Cooler



The Baltik is a sleek and modern dispenser that offers modularity, flexibility, superior hygiene and easy maintenance. It is available in silver or white. Both the hot and cold water tanks are made from stainless steel allowing for the superior hygiene. The hot faucet is dual action for safer use and also uses the high-flow faucets, with a twin-layer design that the Pacifik has.


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